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Welcome to Doujin Convention Booths Wiki![edit | edit source]

This is a wiki with primary interest in collecting artists and booths information on ACGN convention.

For a visitor of this wiki[edit | edit source]

Feel free to update information and create page about artist, booth, circle and convention you know!

This wiki is kindly hosted by Miraheze. You can support them by donation to keep this ads-free wiki farm alive.

For anyone who want to contribute to the wiki[edit | edit source]

Feel free to create and write the page without any formatting (as long as it's informative).
The formatting can be done after that.
You can start with Category:Convention page and create any non-exist page from the list.

If you are an artist, feel free to update your information here.

Disclaimer Notice[edit | edit source]

! All the images is belongs to the original creators and right holders.
! You can request the content of particular page to be taken down by contacting the wiki administrators.

Content List[edit | edit source]